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Dress the Groom with The Modern Groom

Wedding planning… there are so many decisions that go into making the “big day” perfection. The color palette, floral selection, the dress and just as importantly; the grooms suit. 

Believe it or not, my fiancé is just as particular (if not even more so at times) about what he wears and how it fits him than I. 

We initially begun browsing suit options about six months ago and with that process more questions arose; 

  1. Should he purchase or rent his suit? 
  2. What color should he go with? Classic black or navy? or a Neutral tan/ brown? 
  3. Should he go with a traditional or bow tie? 
  4. Should he go with a full five piece suit?

I swear, I learned so much more about suits in the last handful of months than I ever thought I would in my lifetime. 

He naturally leaned toward a custom fitted suit for the big day, however along with that decision would come, as you could guess, a hefty price tag. 

We were introduced to the Modern Groom and never looked away thereafter. 

The Modern Groom seemed to offer us everything we were looking for in this process. 


  • The ability to work with a stylist who would “get to know” “the groom” (and who are we kidding) my likes and dislikes as well and thereafter suggest even more insight about  bringing our big picture together. 
  • Once we we paired with a personal virtual stylist, Joseph and I selected the color, accessories, pieces and fit of the suit for not only he, but as well, his groomsmen. (Anyone how knows my fiancé well, knows that he is just as particular about what his guys were going to be wearing on the big day, as he). 


  • Joseph, first underwent the process of completing his online form with measurements, which was all made very easy. I helped him with his measurements and on any areas where I was unsure of where and how to measure, the Modern Groom, provided instructional video clips. 
  • We snapped a few photos for the stylist and just like that, his order was submitted. 
  • Within the next few days, a personalized link was created and provided by the Modern Groom stylist which we were able to distribute to our groomsmen to undergo the same process. This was additionally wonderful, because it kept our entire bridal party together and also only allowed them to order the suit style and color we had selected. 

Suits were shipped and received a few short weeks later and in the event that there were any pieces that didn’t fit just right, we were able to exchange at no cost for another size. I found this detail particularly comforting in the entire process of ordering this suit online. 

Now, not only is the groom and each of the groomsmen in the same suit (matching) with their own custom fit and sizing it was all affordable compared to other options on the market. 


I had shared from the beginning that Joseph gravitated to a fitted custom suit but all the companies we looked into previously surely came with a larger price tag and didn’t overall offer the same experience for the groomsmen. 

Honestly, we were initially a little hesitant about ordering a suit online without first getting to feel it (I’m a texture person) and trying on the suit prior to, but we couldn’t be any happier and I would think our groomsmen were feeling pretty delighted as well. 

Now we are counting down the days, less than one month to meeting at the alter, and sharing the perfection of our vision with you. 

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